Personalised Equipment Purchase Advice :

As I do not sell equipment I am free to recommend what is best for you while you are FREE to SHOP for the best price. I am a professional TV installation technician with over 25years experience able to provide you with a wide array of services, accessories & recommendations specific to your requirements and equipment.

TV Installation and Optimisation of Home Theatre Equipment :

Attempting to set up your home theatre equipment can be quite taxing, especially if you have no prior experience in doing so. I understand that trusting the set up of an expensive home theatre system to just anyone can be difficult, hence with my expertise assures you not only a delicate handling of your system but a perfect audio-visual tuning of it as well. As a technician with over 25years experience in the field, saves you all of the hassle of wiring your home theatre system, and leaves you with a system running at its full potential. I calibrate your speakers to extract the best possible sound, your home theatre will be up and running sooner and better than you thought was possible.

Wall Mounting TV Installation

(the perfect, neat, space saving solution)
Wall mounting flat panel TVs is a specialised field requiring skills not only for assembly of the bracket to the TV and fixing to the wall, but also an understanding of building structures and cabling to ensure a secure, level correctly cabled and visually wire free installation of your Plasma, LCD, LED Digital TV. I take out the guesswork for you when wall-mount TV Installation including, correct selection of the bracket and installation in your home. In-Ceiling / In-Wall Speakers, yes I do it all! Plus by fully optimising all your home theatre equipment altogether enables you to GET THE VERY BEST sound and picture it can deliver. For a FREE QUOTE call Leon now on 0412 334 396 .

Recorders, Players & Game Systems :

In addition to home theatre systems Amplifiers and Receivers, I can also set-up all brands of TVs, Set Top Boxes, Blu-Ray, DVD, HDD (Hard Disc Drive) Players, Recorders, PVRs (Personal Video Recorders) including Foxtel, Tivo, Tbox, Topfield to name a few, Plus Game Systems like PS/3, Wii, Xbox.

Digital Antenna Installation :

Picture breaking up, or pixilating weak signal and poor quality signal are the common problems one might experience with poor digital TV reception. As an experienced technician proficient in trouble shooting any error that you might encounter, I am well equipped to help by adjusting existing equipment, tuning Set Top Boxes to upgrading antenna and cabling new outlets

Pay-TV Extender Systems & Specialist Services :

I can fine tune & upgrade your Foxtel for a better audio visual quality to your TV and sound system plus integrate your Foxtel or satellite TV to your normal TV points for reception and control on all your connected TVs. Thus, you can receive Foxtel and Foxtel-IQ on all your TV sets connected to your TV antenna system without extra subscription fees. All my services are guaranteed. Please give me a call for a FREE QUOTE now on 0412 334 396.

Speaker Installation :

Cables can be run thru walls and ceilings then speakers wall or ceiling mounted in the correct positions for listening perfection. I can also supply & install flush ceiling/wall speakers

New Eco-Power Solution :

To save you $$$$ while helping to save the planet and your equipment.

Written Instructions :

I personnally provide you EASY-to-UNDERSTAND written instructions for your specific set-up plus equipment driving lesson and ongoing back-up and support.

Leading Brand Support :

All the leading Brands are supported like: Bose, Beyonwiz, B&O, Denon, Foxtel, Hitachi, KEF, LG, Marantz, Onkyo, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Polk Audio, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Strong, Topfield, Tannoy, Toshiba, Yamaha to just name a few of the many.

I provide in-home service to most Adelaide Metropolitan areas.