service_img3Why do so many people love their flat screen installation?

  • Maybe its how it makes the room feel bigger, or
  • Maybe it’s like having a window to look out of while relaxing or
  • Maybe it’s about the freedom created by getting rid of all those wires (bye bye cluttered look) or,
  • Maybe it’s about safety around the children,

Whatever the reason, Leon from CC’s Correct Connections has over 25yrs experience advising and making it a reality for thousands of happy customers.

With screens getting larger and more sophisticated it is even more important than ever to make sure it is done properly. We can help you with the wall Mounting Tv Installation of your new or existing flat screen TV including:

  • building structure evaluation
  • extra secure fixings used
  • hidden wiring and neat wallplates
  • equipment setup
  • optimisation of sound and picture, this includes
  • simplifying equipment operation then written instructions and a driving lesson on how to use your new setup to it fullest
  • ongoing support from someone who loves his work

Please call us if you have any questions about the installation of your new flat screen TV, Leon is always there to help you. Just Call 0412334396