service_img4Why do more and more people love their home theatre setup? 

Maybe it’s because they enjoy being immersed in the whole cinematic experience rather than just watching a TV. 

Maybe it’s because TV speakers on many newer flat screen TVs are lacking in sound quality. Home theatre sound systems allow you to optimise the different frequencies to cater for your rooms accoustics and more importantly your specific hearing requirements.

Maybe it’s to enable easy integration of various input devices eg Foxtel, Satellite TV, Blu-Ray Player, Personal Video Recorder, Apple TV, T-Box, Game Systems; PS/3, Wii, Xbox.
Some still believe it is just to be loud, but no. What home theatre is about is enabling the fine tuning of the room so you can fully enjoy the TV experience, but you control the volume to your liking.

Though the components of a Home theatre system Installation are many and varied Leon, your home theatre installer has extensive experience (over 25years) enabling him to provide his clients the very best installation experience and ease of operation of their systems. If you to would like to enjoy your existing system to the fullest, just give Leon a call on 0412334396 to arrange a time. 

Free Professional Consultationservice_img5

At the moment we are also offering a free consultation to help you decide which system would best suit your home and needs. Please note: We do not sell any home theatre equipment, which means we are free to advise you just on the best and most suitable equipment for your situation, and what to shop for. We are constantly scanning for the best equipment deals for our customers, so you stand to save a lot, up to 30% off normal retail is not uncommon. For your Free Professional Consultation just give Leon a call on 0412334396 to arrange a time.
If you want to have a genuine picture theatre at your home, we can be of assistance with that as well. We will setup your projector and Sound System. We will also conceal all the video and audio cables usually between the walls and ceiling for an enhanced clean look.

After Completion 

We will provide you with easy written instructions, a driving lesson to get you confident using your setup, plus ongoing support of your system and/or future system requirements.If this is the sort of service you would like, just call Leon on 0412334396 to discuss how we can best help you.